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Prime Ministers Spelling Bee (2021)

WINNER – Grades 7/8


The Prime Ministers Spelling Bee is an online spelling competition with 21,000 kids across 490 schools in Australia participating. Students taking part in the Spelling Bee are given 30 random words from their reading level word list. They have 25 seconds to spell each word and are assessed by speed and accuracy.

Mathletics Global Maths Competition (2022 & 2021)

1st in Australia for age group

4th in the World for age group


Students across the globe battle it out to discover who is the world’s strongest mathlete. World Maths Day holds the global record for the most participants in an online mathematics competition with 10 million students over 160 countries competing.

Literacy Planet


WINNER - National Champion Word Mania Word Building Competition.


Word Mania is a game that's easy to play but tough to master as players race the clock to build as many words as possible from 15 letters in just 3 minutes. In 2015, Evan became the National Australian champion at age 6 when he beat over 100,000 primary school students aged between 6-12yrs old (Year 1 - Year 6). With fast fingers and a quicker brain, Evan became the youngest winner in the competitions history.